A Unique User Experience

Persona-based views for complete control of your IoT ecosystem

User Interface Objects

Metavine draws upon a large variety of user interface objects to deliver rich and customizable experiences.


An assortment of charts allows you to display individual or aggregate device data. Charting examples include bar, line, time-series, gauge, and bubble charts. These charts allow you to create powerful representations of your IoT device network.

Interactive Images

Configure interactive images to display alarms, alerts or general information on the performance of your IoT devices.

Livestream Feeds

Livestream video or audio feed can be delivered directly to your console from your IoT device network.

Info Panels

Info Panels are used to provide static information about an individual IoT device. They can display asset serial numbers, geo-locations, device descriptions or any number of device-specific information.

Interaction with Third Party Products


Deliver capabilities from 3rd Party vendors through RESTful integrations or URLs and make them available to users.


Create any additional user experience you require by leveraging the zero-code Metavine platform to create the desired interface object.

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