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Metavine Resources For You

Learn how Metavine will help your business become more competitive, agile and meet all your business and customer demands.

Case Studies

Banking Case Study

Learn how this successful asset-based lending institution leveraged the power of Genesis to retire its legacy loan management system.

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Manufacturing Case Study

With Metavine, learn how a manufacturer increased their product margin and customer value by transforming IT to an innovative and strategic organization.

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Machine Virtualization Case Study

The tasks assigned to building enterprise applications can take months, sometimes even years. Learn how Metavine delivered an application in two days that normally takes a month to implement.

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Beyond Low Code to Zero Code

What would it mean if you moved to a zero code platform that didn’t have any limitations? This blog tells you how Metavine Genesis allows you to do just that, creating complex solutions in hours rather than months or days.

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Zero Impact: The Biggest Impact of All

In removing the need to write code, such a platform also invariably empowers a greater demographic of creative expertise. This blog details how business’ can rapidly bring solutions to market using a zero-code platform that provides a competitive edge.

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On the Cusp of Change

Metavine’s CEO discusses how Metavine Genesis is disrupting enterprise application development.

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Adopting Low Code / No Code

How can businesses execute when software is eating the world and nearly 500,000 developer jobs will go unfilled by 2020? The answer? Change the existing model.

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Metavine Genesis: Machine Learning & Application Development

Metavine Genesis applies machine learning to the development process to accelerate application creation and reduce the risk of erroneous outcomes.

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Reduce Critical Engineering Dependencies

In this blog, we will discuss how you can create fully functional prototypes without depending on critical engineering resources allowing you to get to market fast.

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Managers Guide to RESTful APIs and Why They Matter

This brief article for managers describes the importance of RESTful API integration in today’s agile enterprise.

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White Papers

Metavine Genesis: White Paper for Management

Metavine Genesis empowers companies with a competitive edge by providing an application development platform that gets zero-code solutions to market ahead of competitors.

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Metavine Genesis: Technical White Paper

This white paper describes a new technical approach for obtaining increases in business agility.

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From Legacy to Agility: A Solution Architect’s Journey

With over 25 years of experience, Metavine CEO Craig Sproule provides his perspective on how to approach creating an agile enterprise.

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From Legacy to Agility: Automating Requirements Gathering

With Genesis, learn how you can quickly and accurately gather requirements, allowing your organization to move to an agile business model and meet your business needs.

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Creating a Robust Data Ontology

Enterprise data ontology with Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery capability provides your business with the flexibility needed to compete in an agile world by giving back the control you require.

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Rapid Modeling and Prototyping

This one-pager discusses how you can move with agility using a new approach to modeling and prototyping, all within your existing enterprise architecture.

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Metavine Genesis: Full Life Cycle RAD for Modern Enterprise Agility

Metavine Genesis has been designed to enable RAD from a complete application lifecycle perspective.

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Metavine Genesis: Rapid Application Development for the Agile Enterprise

Metavine Genesis combines the integration of existing legacy systems with its ability to rapidly create applications that meet business and customer demands.

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Open AppShare: An Application Content Ecosystem

Learn about our dynamic ecosystem of applications, microservices, APIs, templates, data integrations and data ontologies, or content, that people create, upload and use for free.

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Micro-Services: The What and How

Metavine Genesis allows technical teams to define micro-services and deliver solutions to their business, fulfilling the legacy to agility need.

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