Metavine delivers unlimited digital agility to the enterprise in real-time

The Metavine platform is the most comprehensive high productivity platform as a service available today. It is a complete application lifecycle management product, purpose built to rapidly create and iterate applications to meet customer demand.

Metavine accelerates the application lifecycle model through intelligent automation of its complete systems. The platform contains a highly integrated set of sub-systems that behave as a unified application orchestration engine to deliver mission-critical enterprise applications.

Metavine natively contains a natural expression engine, transactional database engine, extensive integration capabilities, UI/UX design including support for mobile applications, workflow, guaranteed delivery event processing, API management, version control, deployment and numerous other sub systems.

Metavine Platform Features


Metavine enables comprehensive integration into existing on-premise enterprise systems, databases and directory services as well as a wide range of Cloud based RESTful APIs.


Metavine utilizes industry proven protocols to ensure that user, device, and service provider authentication requirements are challenged according to the highest security standards.

Metavine Design Studio

The Design Studio is a web based console that acts as the control center for management of the Metavine platform. It functions as a multi-purpose interface for the complete lifecycle management and performance monitoring of enterprise applications.

Superior User Experience Design

Natural Expression Logic

The Metavine platform uses natural expression, rather than writing code, to enable the creation of application logic. This approach is faster, easier to understand and empowers a much larger audience of application authors; yet, the expressions that can be defined are without limitation allowing the formation of logic to meet every application requirement.

The use of natural expression logic allows domain experts to replace the software engineering stage in the application lifecycle, resulting in applications that are more closely aligned to business line requirements and enables true agility within the enterprise.

Customers experience anywhere from 9 to 45 times faster time to market results over traditional application development approaches.


Metavine has been designed with enterprise requirements in mind to ensure robustness, scalability, security and fit for purpose outcomes of the applications it executes. It employs elastic scalability ensuring that your applications scale dynamically to meet your load demands.

Comprehensive workflow support

Users can leverage Metavine’s workflow capabilities in the definition of applications. Its natural expression logic can be utilized to determine ‘just-in-time’ workflow outcomes based upon time and data contextual information, resulting in the routing of tasks for appropriate action. Inbuilt functionality enables workload balancing across resource pools as required. Additionally, the resulting workflows can leverage existing LDAP compliant directories or MS Active Directory for role or group based allocation of tasks and escalation.

Version Control and Release Management

The Metavine platform contains automated version control and release management processes. As application changes are made, versions are managed and releases are moved through the inbuilt release modes. During the release process, dependency analysis is conducted. When release impacts are detected, the application author is presented with appropriate resolution options.

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