Quickly create feature-rich apps in a no-code environment

Easily solve your digital problems today

Delivering applications is about solving problems, not writing code

Empower your business line users to create their own apps without coding while also ensuring compliance with corporate policies. With GO, corporate IT can create a self-serve marketplace of GO Gadgets for users to consume to create applications on demand.

GO Gadgets

Use these building blocks to quickly snap together apps.

Includes charts, gauges, info panels, tables, videos, and any other Gadgets created by your IT department.

Choose from continual growing list of GO Gadgets.

GO Data

Create your own databases by importing spreadsheets or defining your own content.

Link to existing systems and create virtual representations of data in those systems within your GO database.

Monitor data access to track performance, security, and compliance requirements.

GO Forms

Create data input forms against your GO Data and can be added to your GO Dashboard as desired.

Enter and update data as well as run searches for information in your GO Data database.

Manage and optionally share your data with your team as either a standalone form or as a step in a GO Workflow.

GO Users

Manage multiple user permission levels within the application.

Customize groups of users for access and workflow.

Select filters to limit data access to maintain security and compliance.

GO Dashboards

Create feature rich and compelling visualizations of data and other content.

Dynamically apply filters to bring your data to life.

Use drill down capabilities to understand related information.

GO Workflow

With GO Workflow, you can combine GO Forms to create workflow applications to suit any purpose. Invite members of your team to participate in the workflow and track when each step of the workflow is completed. GO Workflow provides a great way to automate many of the tasks that you’re currently managing via email.