The Genesis Advantage

Metavine Genesis is a zero-code, rapid application development platform for the creation of enterprise class and IoT applications. It is, without exception, the fastest way to create applications irrespective of the level of sophistication required.

Beat Your Competitors to Market

Metavine Genesis uses a revolutionary expert system-driven rules engine to define application logic. This gives your enterprise the ability to create sophisticated applications without the requirement to write code. Zero-code allows stakeholders who understand business logic to participate in the creation of applications. Solutions are defined by the business line rather than depending upon scarce and highly skilled IT resources.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Reduces project backlogs and frees up the delivery pipeline
  • Accelerates the speed and agility of application delivery
  • Gets solutions to market before your competitors do

Reduce Your IT Spend

The Metavine Genesis platform enables significant cost reductions across the entire application lifecycle. From development through application maintenance, the Genesis zero-code environment empowers business stakeholders to modify applications and quickly react to changing business requirements.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Reduces reliance on expensive IT resources
  • Reduces application lifecycle costs

Deploy Feature-Rich Applications Faster

Metavine Genesis delivers unparalleled productivity. It provides a suite of intuitive design tools to create feature-rich applications from their initial design to their deployment and ongoing management. All requirements are defined visually, and once complete, a functional application exists. Deployment from development to staging and production is a single-click process.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Delivers the latest feature-set to users
  • Ensures application integrity through comprehensive impact analysis

Embrace Enterprise Mobility

The Genesis platform accelerates the delivery of application across all devices, from mobile to desktop. The platform supports a responsive design environment that allows you to create compelling and intuitive user experiences.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Deploys to mobiles, tablets and desktop
  • Provides multi-channel access to users

Share Content to Enable Enterprise Agility

Metavine Open AppShare is an ecosystem where Metavine community members can optionally share content. It has the effect of accelerating delivery of solutions and further enabling enterprise agility. Open AppShare contains a repository of applications, micro-services, data definitions and APIs that are free to use. A Genesis developer can download, use and modify any content from the Open AppShare as required.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Download and modify applications for free
  • Access major software vendors’ APIs for integration

Integrate Everything

The Genesis platform has comprehensive inbuilt integration and authentication capabilities. Whether it’s an industry standard packaged application, an internally developed solution, in the Cloud or behind the firewall, Genesis can make it available for use in any application.

The Genesis advantage:

  • Integrate easily with internal or external systems
  • API library for Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, DocuSign, IBM and Facebook.

Defend Against Threats

Metavine Genesis employs a ‘defense in depth’ security model. It enforces the use of a number of standard protocols to ensure that user, device and service provider authentication requirements are challenged according to the highest security standards.

The product integrates into LDAP-compliant directory services for authentication and OAuth2 for validating access to third-party service providers. Finally, as an additional security option, data items can be tagged as being encrypted which ensures an added layer of security.

The Genesis advantage:

  • OAuth2 third-party authentication
  • Samba for Active Directory authentication
  • Internet communications encrypted using TLS and SSL