Design Studio

The Genesis Design Studio enables developers to graphically define micro-services that model behaviors you want in your application. In Genesis, we refer to these micro-services as Patterns. An application is simply the combination of Patterns required to meet the application’s requirements. The Design Studio enables a unified development flow that streamlines the design and runtime process – therefore, eliminating the traditional debugging process.

Out of the Box Capability

The Genesis platform has inbuilt workflow, business process management, time and data based event management, inbuilt integrations and security ready for you to use when required. It also provides one-click deployment and impact analysis when you’re ready to release the next version of your application.

Secure, Full-Function Integration

The Metavine Genesis platform enables comprehensive integration into existing on-premise enterprise systems, databases and directory services. Connecting to SAP, Oracle and Microsoft products such as SharePoint is a single-click process. It also enables integration into all Cloud offerings such as Salesforce, Slack, Google and numerous other vendor products. The integration possibilities are limitless. You can also quickly create your own RESTful interfaces allowing access to Genesis-built applications or create RESTful interfaces to your existing on-premise solutions.

Open AppShare

The Genesis Open AppShare gives you access to ready-made application content that you can download and use rather than having to build everything from the ground up. There are complete applications, Patterns (micro-services), tutorials, integration templates and more that you can use for free. You can also optionally upload content you’ve created to the Open AppShare and get paid whenever one of our customers uses your work. For more information, see Open AppShare.

Powerful Rules Engine

Genesis includes an expert system-driven Rules Engine that allows for the creation of logic without the requirement to write code. The Rules Engine allows you to perform all the tasks you would normally perform in any modern day development environment including the creation of complex expressions and the management of user interfaces.

Device-Optimized User Experience

The Genesis Design Studio allows the creation of user experience specific to a device type, enabling the same content to be rendered optimally for each target device. As a result, Genesis produces a UX that is richer than a single experience aimed indiscriminately at all device types. Application content is deployed in the web browser of choice on the mobile device of choice.

Proven Security Protocols

Genesis utilizes industry proven protocols to ensure that user, device, and service provider authentication requirements are challenged according to the highest security standards. It embraces OAuth2 as its underpinning authentication protocol for user and inbound RESTful API authentication. TLS and SSL secure all Internet communications. Security protocols include Samba for Active Directory authentication, OAuth2 for validating access to third party service providers, and TLS/SSL for all Internet communications. For additional security, data can be tagged for encryption upon storage.

Find out more in the Metavine Genesis white paper

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