Integrate Anything

The Metavine Genesis platform enables comprehensive integration into your existing on­-premise enterprise systems, databases, and directory services. Connecting to SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft products such as SharePoint, is a single­-click process. It also enables integration into all Cloud offerings such as Salesforce, Slack, Google and numerous other vendor products. The integration possibilities are limitless.

You can also quickly create your own RESTful interfaces. This allows access to Genesis­-built applications or to your own existing on­-premise solutions.

Take your Enterprise Systems to the Cloud

Metavine Reach is a highly secure integration server that can be installed behind the firewall to enable access to on­-premise solutions from the Cloud. Reach allows your organization to deliver cloud ­based solutions to your customers while still leveraging core operational systems. Reach also enables behind­ the ­firewall authentication of users from cloud ­based applications.

Metavine Reach employs industry standard security protocols combined with ‘Defense in Depth’ architectural design to prohibit malicious behavior. Reach uses complex key exchange and encryption techniques to ensure that only verified external parties can utilize its services.

Hybrid Transactional Management

Most vendors’ Cloud integrations do not support automated transaction rollback and require manual intervention when transactional failure occurs. Genesis is different. It allows the automatic management of transactions across the entire portfolio of applications within the business regardless of whether they’re on­premise or cloud domiciled. It provides transactional integrity across both transactional and non­-transactional systems.