How We Help IT Managers

Genesis consistently demonstrates a minimum eight times faster speed of delivery over current development approaches. This allows your team to exceed business line expectations by delivering at record speed.

Reduced Costs

The Genesis platform enables significant cost reductions across the entire application lifecycle. The Genesis zero-code environment empowers a citizen developer model that reduces dependencies on highly skilled and scarce technical resources.

Share and Re-use Content

Metavine Open AppShare is a repository of ready to use content. It has the effect of accelerating delivery of solutions and further enabling enterprise agility.

Demonstrable Value

IT teams use zero-code micro-patterns combined with a unified development flow to enable faster deployment and the ability to iterate in real-time.

Mobile and Rich, Customizable User Experience

Genesis provides a drag-and-drop user experience design capability. It enables the complete customization of user experience across multiple form factors from desktop to mobile device.

Integrate Everything

Genesis has comprehensive inbuilt integration and authentication capabilities. There are APIs for Salesforce, Google, Facebook, IBM and all other major vendors.

Solutions Across Sectors

The Genesis platform supports a wide range of applications across all industries.

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