How We Help Developers

Feature Packed to Make Building Apps Easier

Metavine Genesis is a fully contained development environment that allows you to create Apps, callable Micro-services, and APIs. There are hundreds of prebuilt components that allow you to quickly assemble applications that address the most demanding business requirements.

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Make Money with Metavine

Build Apps using Metavine Genesis and we’ll pay you for your efforts. Every time a Metavine customer uses an application or content that you’ve contributed to the community, we’ll pay you for that use.

Open AppShare

The Genesis Open AppShare gives you access to ready-made application content that you can download and use rather than having to build from the ground up. For more information go to the Open AppShare page.

Out of the Box Capabilities

The Genesis platform has built-in workflow, business process management, time & data-based event management, integrations, and security ready to use.

Device-Optimized UX

The Genesis Design Studio enables responsive design allowing the same content to be rendered optimally for each target device type.


Metavine is currently making thousands of vendors’ RESTful APIs simpler to use and faster to consume. There is a growing library of APIs including those provided by Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, DocuSign, IBM and Facebook. These APIs are available in Open AppShare to accelerate your application development process. Using an API is simply a case of downloading it from the Open AppShare library, setting up user credentials, and it’s ready to go. RESTful APIs can also be quickly created to make anything you’ve created in Genesis available to external applications.